ILearn360™ - ERP Transform School Management With ILearn360™ - ERP ILearn360™, powered by Zeassuez Ik India Private Limited, is a technology company specializing in providing solutions for educational institutions. Founded by individuals with extensive experience and expertise in both education and technology, our mission is to assist educational institutions in leveraging technology for efficient delivery of education. We aim to make the process of studying and teaching a pleasant and enriching experience for all stakeholders involved.
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What do we believe?

ILearn360, powered by Zeassuez Ik India Private Limited, believes in the philosophy encapsulated by Leonardo Da Vinci's quote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This principle guides their approach to designing solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and effective. Clients appreciate their friendly attitude, deep understanding of requirements, technical proficiency, and prompt support.

Affordable price Easy to manage admin panel Data Security

Furthermore, ILearn360 acknowledges that learning is a lifelong journey. They strive to foster partnerships with educators, viewing themselves not just as service providers but as knowledge collaborators.

This commitment to continuous learning and knowledge sharing enriches their relationships with educational institutions and strengthens their offerings in the education technology sector.

Life @ ILearn360™ Here's a glimpse of life at ILearn360:
Innovative Culture ILearn360 fosters an innovative culture where creativity and forward-thinking are encouraged. Team members are empowered to explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance educational solutions.
Continuous Learning: The company prioritizes continuous learning and professional development. Team members have access to training, workshops, and resources to expand their skills and stay updated with industry trends.
Team Collaboration: Collaboration Collaboration is at the core of ILearn360's work culture. Teams work closely together, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise to deliver high-quality solutions and support to clients.
Client-Centric Approach ILearn360 has a strong focus on client satisfaction. Team members actively engage with clients, understand their needs, and strive to exceed expectations through innovative solutions and excellent service.
Supportive Environment: The company values a supportive and inclusive environment where team members feel valued, respected, and motivated. Open communication and teamwork are key aspects of this supportive culture.
Passion for Education: Everyone at ILearn360 shares a passion for education and a commitment to making a positive impact in the field. This shared mission creates a sense of purpose and drives the team to deliver meaningful solutions for educational institutions.
ILearn360 – Strength ILearn360 has a robust implementation strength that encompasses several key aspects:
Well-Defined Implementation Process: ILearn360 follows a structured implementation process that includes previous years' data porting, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of information.
Regular and On-Time Data Entry: The team at ILearn360 ensures that data entry is done regularly and on time, maintaining data accuracy and completeness.
Customization of Reports: Reports are customized as per the school's formats and requirements, providing tailored insights and analytics.
Initial Data Porting from Excel ILearn360 facilitates initial data porting from Excel sheets for student information, staff details, library records, and more, streamlining data management.
Integrated Training Programs: The company offers integrated training programs for users, ensuring that they are well-equipped to utilize the software effectively.
Project Rollout and User Feedback ILearn360 conducts project rollouts and gathers feedback from users to continuously improve and refine their solutions based on real-world usage and user input.
Regular Software Upgrades: The software undergoes regular upgrades to incorporate new features, enhancements, and security updates, keeping it up-to-date with evolving needs and technology trends.
Frequent On-Site and Online Training ILearn360 provides frequent on-site and online training sessions to support users and ensure ongoing proficiency with the software.
Technical Strength ILearn360 boasts strong technical capabilities, including:
No Installation Required: Clients do not need to install software on their machines, streamlining the deployment process and reducing IT overhead.
Technology Stack: Developed using JAVA, React JS, MySql, and Apache, ensuring a robust and scalable platform.
Online Version on GAE: The online version hosted on Google App Engine (GAE) ensures high reliability, availability, and performance.
24x7 Internet Access: Exam processes by uploading offline exam marks and managing student-wise results.
Personalized Timetable The platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere through the internet, allowing for seamless learning and management processes.
Mobile and Tablet Compatibility: Users can access ILearn360 on mobile devices and tablets, providing flexibility and convenience.
Role-Based Dashboard: The platform features role-based access control, allowing users to access specific modules and functionalities based on their roles and permissions.
Alert System: ILearn360 includes SMS and email alerts to notify users about important events, deadlines, or updates.
Excel Integration: Integration with Excel sheets enables easy data import/export for tasks like managing results, attendance, and more.
Historical Data Access: Users can easily access previous years' data within each module, facilitating continuity and historical analysis.
Barcode and Tally Integration: The platform supports barcode printing and reading, as well as integration with Tally for accounting and financial management if required.

ILearn360 Learning Management System

ILearn360 – LMS

Zeussuez Ik’s ILearn360 Learning Management System (LMS) is positioned as one of the best e-learning software solutions for schools, offering a range of benefits and features:

Affordable price Easy to manage admin panel Data Security

Library Management

ILearn360 – Library Management

Library management is indeed crucial for schools, acting as a vital resource for both students and teachers. Here are some key features and benefits of a comprehensive library management module:

Affordable price Easy to manage admin panel Data Security

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Tailor your experience with our custom package options. From personalized services to bespoke solutions, we offer flexibility to meet your unique needs.

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