Library Management

ILearn360 – Library Management

Library management is indeed crucial for schools, acting as a vital resource for both students and teachers. Here are some key features and benefits of a comprehensive library management module:

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Dashboard and Multi-Library Management: A comprehensive dashboard allows schools to manage multiple libraries efficiently. This centralization of library management streamlines processes and enhances accessibility to library resources.

Auto-Filling of Book Details: Integration with online databases through ISBN codes enables automatic filling of book details, saving time and reducing errors in cataloging and inventory management.

Barcode Creation and Printing: The module facilitates the creation and printing of barcodes for books, aiding in easy identification, tracking, and management of library items.

Management of Periodicals and E-Resources: Beyond books, the module supports the management of periodicals and electronic resources, providing a holistic approach to library management.

Auto-Reminders for Book Returns: Automated reminders to students for returning borrowed books help in maintaining library discipline and reducing overdue items.

Reporting Capabilities: Schools can generate various reports related to books issued, returned, and pending returns, facilitating data-driven decision-making and monitoring of library activities.

Inventory Management: The module allows schools to view and manage the quantity, titles, authors, and categories of books in their library, enabling efficient inventory management and purchase planning.

By leveraging these features, schools can ensure effective library management, improve access to resources, promote library usage among students, and enhance the overall learning experience within the institution.